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Now Available: Sensatika Pumpkin Spice food flavoring  

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For all your frozen, cold products, baking, pastry & candy making needs.

King Cake Boxes, Babies and Flavors

King Cake Boxes: Small, Medium, Large
4 different King Cake Baby designs
Orange Butter Arte Pan Bakeable Flavor and Orange Blossom Flavor


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A cozy pumpkin flavor with notes of cinammon and clove, and a sweet caramelic hint.

Available in 3.38 fl oz and 33.8 fl oz.

New  Essential Chocolate Flavor Coating

Provides medium to thick layer (depending on your melting temperature), you only need to melt it once a day without needing to keep it on heat, dries in less than 10 seconds.

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New   Essential Hazelnut spread with cocoa

Made with natural hazelnut paste and cocoa. Indulgent flavor and creamy texture, ideal as spread, pastry filling, beverages, cold and frozen desserts. Resists high temperatures.

New Sensatika Toasted Coconut Flavoring

Flavor and appareance booster: ice cream and ice pops (water or dairy based), beverages, gelatin products...

Recommended dose: 3-5ml per every kg/L of prepared product. Available in 3.38 fl oz, 33.8 fl oz and galon.

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Curso gratis vía Facebook Live impartido por el Chef Iván España y chocolate Hielatto sobre: paletas de arroz con leche. En él aprenderás a preparar esta tradicional receta y se compartirán tips aplicables a otras recetas. 
 Virtual vía Facebook Live, grabado en @latienditaess

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Ice Cream Machines & Equipment

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Refrinox, who are experts in ice cream machines. We bring you: ice cream makers, chocolate melting station, advertising light pannels, Criotec Freezer, Stainless Steel working table and sink, ice pop molds, containers and more!

Sensatika, by La Tiendita C. Essentials was created to meet the highest quality standards and develop fascinating flavors to delight your senses
Sensatika's flavors:  avocado, toasted coconut.

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