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Shelf stable dairy ice cream & paleta mix. 

Ice Cream like never before.

One of the main challenges when manufacturing ice cream/paletas is the ice cream mix: it requires extra managing care, production is not always stable, quality is not always good, it takes up a lot of refrigeration space and the energy expenditure that entails is high and its shelf life is very short.

The Essential Mix powder mix is a solution to each of those problems, providing the same quality - or better-  in flavor and texture than a liquid ice cream mix.

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Shelf stable

Does not require refrigeration until you add water.

Contains real milk

We wouldn't offer you a mix that does not perform at the highest standards... real mixes contain real milk.

90% longer shelf life

vs liquid ice cream mixes.

Represents big energy and space savings

No need to limit the amount of mix you buy due to lack of space in your fridge!

Ice Cream and Paleta Mix ready to use in two simple steps

Add 4 L of tepid water per pouch > Whisk > Use

(Yes... you can prepare just the amount you need!)

6L (1.59 gal)
per pouch
8 pouches
per box
48L (12.72 gal)
per box

Dairy Essential Mix

$ 12 .26

/ galon 
(when buying the box)
  • Shelf stable   
  • Made with real milk, provides an authentic creamy and dairy flavor
  • Ideal for paletas, ice cream and dairy based aguas frescas
  • Easy to scoop
  • Save energy expenses due to refrigeration
  • Save - a lot - of fridge space
  • Save on shipping costs