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For all your backing, pastry, frozen, cold products & candy making needs

About Us

We are La Tiendita Confectionery Essentials, a company based in the United States dedicated to find, test and offer the best in raw materials focused on ice cream and frozen products, beverages, pastry, bakery, restaurants and domestic consumption. We to offer you the best quality products, wide variety and ease of purchase.

Our story: We are a family owned company, after spending years of experience on the market, two friends observed that creators business owners oftenly struggled to find their different supplies and had to visit a lot of stores and deal with different suppliers. They decided to offer their community something simples: just one place to find what was hard to find anywhere else. Their goal was to offer the best selection of raw materials for different industries and needs in just one place. Their goal was to make it easier for creators to buy and just making a one stop without needing to test and look for the right suppliers or spending more time and money buying from different shops. 

Now, thanks to you, we have been able to grow and provide more and more jobs throughout the years, making the Essential Family bigger and bigger! We hope you find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us to let us know if you don't or for any comments you may want to make. We really want to adapt to your needs and create a community, so don't hesitate to share with us your suggestions, needs and ideas of what should be at La Tiendita, your One Stop Shop.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

The La Tiendita Confectionery Essentials Team.